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The Stella Clavisque Club

takes its name from

the Coat of Arms of Mauritius.


It is Latin for

"The Star and The Key"

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Hi, my name is Marie-Rose.

I'm the current club president.

Meet the members of the committee:

Jacquelin Merle, Paul Lesur, René Naidu, Marie-Rose Laville,

Florine Nayna, Jacques Rampal, Mary Naidu, Claude Lebon,

Jean St-Flour.

Missing : Serge (Tino) Savanah & Maisie Ernestine.

The program for
not yet finalised.

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We are delighted that our club now has access

to a sports pavilion

in the grounds of the Lois Twohig Reserve,

(80 Carlton Road, Dandenong North.)


the City of Greater Dandenong.


This lease gives our pétanque players

access to change rooms,


provides a venue for our members

to meet socially and enjoy some indoor games,

on a regular basis.


In return, we have agreed to register  to the

Good Sports Program *


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Click on the camera to view

photos of club activities for

the past 12 months




Every Wednesday evening


from 5.00 pm

The Stella Clavisque Club is affiliated to the

Pétanque Federation of Australia

& a member of Victorian Pétanque Clubs


Direct enquiries to one of the following:

Jacquelin Merle: 0400 587 834

Claude: 431 563 686



Play Indoor Games

Watch a video or TV

Listen to music

Chat with friends

Have a drink and snacks








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