​The Stella Clavisque Club is the oldest Mauritian Club in Australia.  It was founded in 1968 to offer pecuniary assistance and moral support to the Mauritians who were coming to make Melbourne their new home. Though the needs and priorities of Mauritians who have subsequently settled in Melbourne have changed, the club has maintained its original purpose as encapsulated in the club’s mission statement:  "Service to the community and the Mauritian people."

Over the years, the SCC has contributed to a wide variety of deserving causes here and overseas and made contributions to appeals following natural disasters such as bushfires, floods, cyclones...











The newsletter which is posted to all members on a quarterly basis, has been an invaluable means of communication, providing to club members information on a wide variety of concerns and subjects of interest.

In 2006, the Stella Clavisque Club received an Award for Excellence in Multicultural Affairs from the Victorian Government  in recognition of its continued contribution to the community.

The Committee

The affairs of the club are managed

by a committee of 10 members

which has full control over all the club's activities.

The Committee 2020

President: Marie-Rose Laville

Vice-President: Mary Naidu

Secretary: Florine Nayna

Assistant Secretary: Paul Lesur

Treasurer: Serge Savanah

Assistant Treasurer: Maysie Ernestine

Sports & PR Officer: Claude Lebon

Assistant Sports Officer: Jacquelin Merle

Committee Members: 

René Naidu

Jean St. Flour

Jacques Rampal




  Application for membership is open to all.

Membership fees of
$25.00 for a family, $15.00 for singles

per annum,
cover the period
from 1st January to 31st December.

Renewals may be made at any time during the month of January,
but no later than 31st January.

To obtain an application form,  

contact the secretary.