Dear friends of The Stella

The Christmas season is quickly coming to an end.  It seems like it was just yesterday that we were celebrating, with loved ones, this beautiful time of intimate gathering and exchange of gifts.  The Christmas tree is drying out, or has perhaps already been packed away, like mine.  I always, though, carry a slightly heavy heart in these days as I return to the ordinary routine, knowing that next Christmas is a whole year away.  And after the ups and downs of 2020, many of us are perhaps hesitantly wondering what this new year will bring.  I personally stay positive, we will all, celebrate a Good Year, full of laughter and good times.  

So, wishing to all of you, once again,  UNE BONNE ET HEUREUSE ANNEE POUR 2021, on behalf of the Club's Committee members and Sub-Committee members.

Now I do need, to bring up, the matter of asking/pleading of you, to keep supporting us throughout this new year, financially.  We need from you to please Renew your Membership Fees, via Net Bank, as we are still under restrictions of not socialising yet at the Clubhouse.  This is usually advertised in the first Newsletter of the year but as we won't have one at the beginning of this year and we need to keep paying the Council Rent, electricity and small bills, to keep going, this is the right way to reach you, I think.

If possible, when making the deposit, please Identify yourself, e.g. MR Laville, Memb Fees, or something similar, to list you as a paid club member.  The Treasurer will keep a track of things.  The Committee agreed, at the last AGM, we won't raise the Fees, so they are still:

$25  Family and $15 Single

BSB 013-268
ACCT NUMBER 3186 15355